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April 2021 COVID Blog Post by Mayor David Mayberry

4/8/2021 12:21:34 PM

As we enter our second spring under the shadow of the COVID 19 pandemic, many are getting weary and restless. We hear over and over that people are tired of this prolonged interruption in their lives. For the most part we just want this over with and life to return to “normal”. That maybe what we want, but our reality is much different.

This past week the province has declared another “Stay at Home” order. This comes in the face of increasing case counts (we are back to about 3000 per day) and the increasing impacts of the VOCs (variants of concern). The new variants spread more quickly and with a more serious health implication. While the Ontario vaccination program is ramping up, as of now only about 15% of Ontarians have had the first dose while only about 2% have received the second dose. With the availability of vaccine as the limiting factor, for those of us eagerly waiting, the vaccination program may seem to be moving slowly.  We need to remember that there are almost 7.9 billion people in our global village who also are waiting with various degrees of patience. While I might want the vaccine as soon as possible, perhaps we should remember that there are many others in potentially far more serious situations who are also waiting.

We also would do well to remember two other things. First, is that the spread of COVID-19 is for the most part, by our own actions (or inactions). We are the ones who can take precautions to reduce the spread and thereby improve the health of our communities. If we choose to wash and sanitize our hands, wear a mask, physically distance and follow the “STAY at HOME” order whenever possible we can reduce the spread and the potential deaths significantly. While I fully respect those who need to go to work because they are essential workers, the vast majority of people out and about this past weekend were not “going to work”.

Secondly, I do understand the angst people are feeling during this pandemic because of the concerns for the health of those we love and care about (and for) and the growing impatience people are experiencing. I do think we might want to reflect on the fact that this is not the worst crisis or suffering humanity has faced. When I find myself bemoaning the fact that I can’t do this or that, I remind myself of the pure hell previous generations experienced in other global situations (even of our collective human making). While I hate feeling cooped up for the past year, I would rather be cooped up in the comfort of my own home than spend one day in the trenches of the first or second world war. When I think about those who lived, suffered and died in those conditions, I find myself more willing to be a little more patient for both my vaccination and the end of this pandemic.    

If we carefully follow the provincial “Stay at Home” order and practice public health recommendations, we will get through this and then we will see a tomorrow with new opportunities and possibilities. I encourage everyone to wait patiently and get vaccinated as soon as you become eligible.

Take care and stay safe!

David Mayberry
Mayor, South West Oxford

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