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Thank You and Merry Christmas from Mayor Mayberry
Created by jforth on 12/18/2017 9:48:05 AM

As a child in public school I remember my grandmother saying "time flies" and thinking, as I waited for Christmas (and summer holidays), how wrong she was. Now some 50 plus years later, I find myself feeling like time not only flies, but does soat super sonic speed. Where did 2017 go??

December marks the beginning of the last full year of our current term of Council, with municipal elections coming in October of 2018. As I reflect back on the past three years of this Council term, I find myself appreciative of the Council South-West Oxford has. While there are often differences in perspective and opinions, there has been a greater desire to treat each other with respect and a willingness to offer conciliatory suggestions in hopes of finding the best possible solutions for the community.

Council is constantly aware that the decisions they make (wise or not) affect the lives of everyone in the community for better or worse. While our meetings are comfortable in that everyone behaves with respect, they are also serious in attemping to find the best solutions. I am not only proud of South-West Oxford Council, but I am also thankful that so many people in SWOX voted for good representatives.

I also want to thank the many poeple who volunteer on the committees and boards that are responsible for many of our community acitivites. Your countless hours of serving your community are very much appreciated. Great communitiesare built with great volunteers - we are so fortunate!

Finally, I want to wish everyone in the Township a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018.

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