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NEW Blog Post: Message from Mayor David Mayberry

3/30/2020 12:08:31 PM

The current COVID-19 crisis now has our full attention, and it should. This pandemic, although not the most deadly, has and is continuing to spread across the world. As in most global crisis, we see the full scale of humanity, from the tremendous generousity and compassion of some to the despicable acts of others through price gouging, etc. There is also a lot of community angst, and this concern or fear, is portrayed in a number of different ways. We see and feel the desire to remain close to those we love and care for despite being told to keep physical space between us. This desire to remain connected is part of our humanity, it is integrated into our DNA. We need to be “in touch” with each other, but please do it from a safe distance.

Another aspect is that this pandemic seems so new and scary, and for some it is. Many of us can remember other global pandemics with a variety of durations and severity. (HIV/AIDS 2005 -2012, SARS 2003, Hong Kong Flu 1968 and the Asian Flu 1956-58 have all occurred in my lifetime). We remember in our history lessons learning of the “Spanish flu of 1918 and 1919” which killed more people than the first world war that it followed and the bubonic plagues the of 1400s and 1542. I say this not to scare us, but to remind all of us that pandemics happen and that for the most part they are moved from place to place (community to community) by people. This leads us to the very real need to all do our part by washing our hands, staying two meters apart, coughing/sneezing into your sleeves and isolating oneself if you feel unwell. This pandemic will spread as people allow it to for the most part. We can have a huge impact on reducing the spread of COVID-19, and we can all play our part. By being careful, we are not only protecting ourselves, but we are helping to protect each other.

There is also a great deal of concern about the economic repercussions of this pandemic. All levels of government are involved in trying to mitigate the impact on both businesses and households. This will roll out as we better understand the severity of the economic impact and the duration of this situation. I encourage you to follow the SWOX website for the latest information at

Take care, be safe.

Mayor David Mayberry

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